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10 things You Must Experience in Souq Waqif Doha, Qatar


Well, if you are in Qatar and looking for awesome places to shop, dine and spend a good time, Souq Waqif will definitely excite you. In addition, here are ten things to explore and experience while visiting Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar.

Shop Clothing

If you love to shop for embroidered cloaks or traditional scarfs or fabulous apparel, you can explore the wide range of clothing in Souq Waqif. Immerse yourself in the myriad of alleys with the awesome shopping experience. 

One can also find a small army of wheelbarrows-pushing men to come to your rescue. While shopping, remember to keep cash as most of the shop owners do not accept card payment. 

Experience New Flavours

If you are a foodie and love to experience the new flavors, Souq Waqif is the place for you.  Spices, Crates of tea leaves, Nuts, Sweets, Pure saffron, Dried flowers, Sweet lemon are common here.  To explore more edibles items, one can approach shop owners and they will take you through all the available options.  


Damasca souq waqif

When it comes to dining, Damasca one is the name famous for authentic Arabic delicacies from Syria and Levant. Parisa Souq Waqif – the luxe Persian hotel dining room offers you Iraninan delights under  chandeliers hanging from mirror covered ceilings.


Falcon Souq

Falcon in Doha is one of the city’s major tourist attractions for birding, where one can admire birds, click photographs and even hold birds under shopkeeper’s supervision. Falcon Souq is a historical place where falcons are auctioned, bought, and sold at high prices. 

Bargain souvenirs

souq waqif souvenirs

Souq Waqif is the largest and oldest place to get low-cost souvenirs for your family or friends. You will do everything from traditional handicrafts to lampshades to leather items. For the tourists, things like spices, salt and pepper shakers, canvas old paintings of Qatar, Coffee Pots, Embroidered pashminas, etc. have been major attractions for shopping. 

Local Art

local art souq waqif
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Apart from the major attraction towards shopping and dining, Souq Waqif is also famous for art galleries and exhibitions. The most popular one is  Souq Waqif art center which is known for exhibiting galleries or workshops featuring local and global artworks for sales and demonstration purposes.  The art center is the place where you will find artworks of local and international artists. 

Visit the horse stables

horse stables souq

Very close to Falcon Souq, there is a place called horse stables which gives you a feel of a bygone era where Arabian horses (an oldest breed of horses) played an essential role in the world of equines. These breeds of horses were known for beauty and intelligence.

Try home-cooked food

If you are amateur of having only home-cooked food, a group of women sells home-cooked food in the Souq especially for the people who like to have homemade Qatari food.  

The food is affordable and ranges from QR 5 to QR 20. Also, you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes like Harees, Majbooj, Kushari, Kousa Mahshi, Kushari, Mathrooba, and more. One of the most common dishes among all is flat crepes.   

Play backgammon

If you want to have a good time playing Backgammon, there is a coffee shop – Majlis AI Dama located in Souq Waqif. The place is quite popular among the Qatari locals for Qahwa helw and Karak. If you are a tourist then it is the best place to spend quality time here with delicious food and backgammon games. 

Shop for Jewelries

gold souq

If you love to shop for gold, Souq Waqif has the largest collection of Gold jewelry vendors. The jewelry shops here specialize in the high end 18 and 22-carat gold jewelry. 

From costly necklace sets to classy earrings to pure gems, the Souq has it all to offer with a wide range. Traditional bridal jewelry and hair accessories of a wide range can also be found here. Moreover, one can buy customized jewelry as well with names written in Arabic. The place is also a popular hub to buy pre-owned luxury watches. 

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