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Step-by-Step pre-travel registration on the EHTERAZ website 

Step-by-step pre-travel registration on the EHTERAZ

In this article, we are going to see the process of pre-registration on the Ehteraz website before traveling to Qatar. Read the whole article, so that you don’t miss any fundamental step of registration.

Is pre-registration is compulsory for traveling to Qatar?

Yes, pre-registration is compulsory for all visitors to Qatar through the Ehteraza website according to the travel & return policy informed by the Ministry of Public Health on 13 July 2021.

Procedure for Pre-registration

Step 1: Make an Account

  • You need to make an account on the website by filling in the required personal and health information.
  • Select the option of New User Registration if you are using it for the very first time.

When to pre-register?

  • You should apply between 12-72 hours before the arrival time.

Step 2: Personal Information

  • The ID number for residents of Qatar.
  • Passport numbers for GCC citizens.
  • Tourist needs to provide a passport and visa number.

Step 3: Required Documents

  • Copy of passport, certified vaccination certificate, and PCR negative test result.
  • If you are quarantined in a hotel you need to provide a copy of the reservation.

Step 4: Covid-19 Information

  • You need to provide the information about the Covid-19 vaccine you have received and the date of your last dose.
  • And if you are recovered from Covid-19 you need to provide the date of the last infection.

Step 5: Application Review

  • You can check your application status after submission.
  • You will get all information about whether your application is approved or you need any further procedures.

The procedure of traveling across the border

  • All the visitors need to show their PCR test results and approved applications to border employees.

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