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Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Dubai

Beach in Dubai

Everyone who visits or lives in Dubai should see the top 10 beaches, which we’ve chosen.

This list of the top 10 beaches in Dubai is for you if spending the weekend enjoying some sun, sea, and sand is your favorite weekend activity.

Dubai has a lot of beaches, but many of them are private hotels’ beaches, therefore here we look at the greatest public beaches you may visit!

Some require a nominal fee to access, while others are free. When on a public beach in Dubai, women must wear a complete bikini or a swimsuit; swimming in pajamas is not permitted. For your convenience, we have a whole reference to Dubai’s beach attire right here.

Anywhere in Dubai, topless sunbathing is prohibited, and wearing thongs is not advised!
Beachwear should only be worn on any public beach in Dubai; it should not be worn when going to or coming back from the beach. Although you might witness confused tourists wondering why they are getting strange looks as they go up Beach Road!

You can pay to use the beach at a resort in many locations, provided they are not all booked up, and all waterfront hotels have private beaches. The price range for this varies from 150 to 700 Dhs.

A word of caution to all swimmers…

Even strong swimmers have been carried away by powerful rip tides and currents in Dubai’s oceans, which frequently appear to be relatively calm. Please be cautious when swimming and alert any visitors you may have.

Throughout the year, you can also come across a lot of jellyfish. Most hotel beaches have warning signs in place, but if you are unsure of a particular beach or region, always seek advice and never swim alone.

Table of Contents

1) The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach Residence

It is free to utilize “The Beach” at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), which is located on the shoreline next to Jumeirah Beach Resort. Both locals and visitors to Dubai love this particular beach. The beach now has the tourist attraction that it lacked when it originally opened, as well as easily accessible, clean amenities like showers and grassy spaces for people to gather and enjoy sports like a short game of rugby or Frisbee. Making it one of Dubai’s must-see tourist attractions!

Additionally, there are many open eateries with a sea view and a cool environment where you can get a fast food or enjoy a leisurely lunch while admiring the magnificent sea view. This beach usually seems to be full of what we can only describe as “posers,” especially on the weekends! However, this is fantastic for people watching! On this length of coastline, events including sporting competitions and auto races are frequently organized.

2) Burj Beach

Kite Beach is followed by what is known as Burj Beach, sometimes known as Jumeirah Beach (more on this popular location later). It is a very popular tourist destination in Dubai and a popular hangout for locals, and it is a very wide and lengthy stretch of beach that leads to the Burj Al Arab. Football is a particularly popular sport on this section of beach, and there are some facilities and volley ball nets here.

With the Burj Beach Pillars erected on its sandy stretch of land, Burj Beach also serves as Dubai’s very own “Stonehenge.” The location is ideal for photo shooting. Along with facilities and shops, there is a running track, and the magnificent Burj Al Arab serves as the backdrop to everything. On this beach, you may take beautiful pictures that perfectly capture Dubai.

Activities on Burj Al Arab Beach

  • While you unwind on the beach, the kids can play in the nearby playground.
  • Play traditional beach volleyball on the provided net.
  • Bring your running shoes because this beach is also a great place to go for a morning run.
  • There is a park nearby that is free to enter and contains a number of designated sports spaces.

Burj Al Arab Beach Location.

Jumeirah is close by Umm Suqeim. Thus, the drive to the main city takes about 25 to 30 minutes. To get there, one can take an RTA taxi; utilizing one’s own vehicle can be challenging due to the lack of parking; therefore, cabs are typically a secure alternative.

3) Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

The enormous and stunning Al Mamzar (or Mamzer) Beach, which just received the Blue Flag Beach designation, is one of the most popular beaches to visit. It includes five beaches scattered among coves along the park’s coast and is well-liked by both visitors and locals. Every beach includes a covered space with showers and changing rooms, and you may rent daily huts that come with a BBQ area.

There are also 2 quite sizable swimming pools if you don’t want to wander into the ocean. There are few small cafés and food stores, and you may hire sun loungers and umbrellas. Additionally, there are lifeguards on duty who have flag warning devices. For entry, there is a nominal fee of 5 dhs for walk-ins and 40 dhs for cars.

At Al Mamzar, unwind, enjoy, and eat.

The beachfront location also has a lot of lovely grassy spaces where you can have a picnic and soak up the sun while enjoying a barbeque meal in the cooler months. More than 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees, and more than 55,000 square meters of lush grass may be found in the gardens. Additionally, VIP treatment is available to you with a variety of air-conditioned and rentable chalets.

You’re hungry. You have several options for grabbing a fast bite by the ocean thanks to the food shops scattered throughout the beach park. A branch of the well-known FiLLi Cafe is also close by, always ready to serve hungry beachgoers. The neighborhood also has a number of cafeterias and restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine.

The city’s first integrated leisure attraction, Al Mamzar Beach Park combines modern beach and park amenities. To make the most of your day in the sun, register a chalet on the official website or make a facility reservation in advance.

4) Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park

Due to its convenient position on Beach Road, this park is one of Dubai’s most visited public beach areas. It is a blue flag beach, making it one of the best beaches in Dubai. His park contains grassy fields, palm trees, and a stretch of golden sand. There are cafes at either end of the beach that sell snacks and beverages. There are also restrooms and showers, and a lifeguard is on duty from sunrise to sunset.

A fee of about 5 dhs is required to enter. The beach even has female employees on-site during the “ladies only days” to ensure that the beach is kept pristine and tidy without compromising the comfort of the female guests, out of respect for women who adhere to the local customs of the UAE.

After the Dubai Canal Project was built, the beach was reopened, and today a visit to Jumeirah Beach Park gives magnificent views of one of Dubai’s newest attractions.

5) Jumeirah Open Beach (formerly Russian Beach)

Jumeirah Open Beach

There is no charge to utilize Russian Beach, popularly known as the Open Beach or Jumeirah Open Beach. It is located at the lower end of Beach Road, across from the Burj Al Arab, right after Palm Strip Mall. Originally, it was known as that because it was a popular hangout for Russian and Eastern European youth. There are only a few restrooms and showers scattered about, but since you are so near to the little shopping centers on Beach Road with their abundance of cafés, refreshments are never far away.

There is a jogging path along this section of shore, and you will see lots of beefcakes exercising here! Also prevalent are bicycles, strollers, joggers, and roller skaters. If you’re a single woman, you might choose to go to Jumeirah Beach Park to avoid being gawked at because it can get fairly man- heavy on the weekends.

6) Kite Beach

Kite Beach

One of Dubai’s most well-liked beaches, Kite Beach is ideal for sunbathers, foodies, and sports fans alike. If you’re serious about your watersports and want to put your abilities to the test on one of Dubai’s top free beaches, Kite Beach features lots of obstacles. You may rent top-notch equipment close to the Jumeirah neighborhood along the sand.

The kite surfers gather on this beach, and it’s fascinating to watch them or try it yourself. As it is located directly behind the University of Wollongong, it is also known as Woollongong Beach. In the past, it was possible to drive up to the beach and have a barbecue, but this is no longer permitted. Despite this, it continues to be one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions and the ideal weekend hangout spot for locals and residents alike.

Enjoy Kite Beach’s ocean views.

Do you want to jog or walk along the beach? The ideal location is along the 14 kilometer track at Kite Beach. Any coastal activity you choose to partake in here is guaranteed to offer breathtaking views of the imposing Burj Al Arab Jumeirah against the horizon.

Additionally, you can get some quick bites to eat at the stores and food trucks that are located right on the beach. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have some delectable sliders and a lotus shake at the consistently busy SALT. A beach day pass from Sole Mio will help you make the most of your excursion by giving you access to cozy sun loungers and free food delivery from nearby restaurants.

7) Ghantoot Beach

Ghantoot Beach

You can find Ghantoot beach if you keep looking for the Ghantoot exit (399), which is situated along the Sheikh Zayed Road heading towards Abu Dhabi. Al Jazira Golden Tulip Hotel signs will be there, and the gates leading to Ghantoot Beach are clearly visible. The Golden Tulip Hotel is situated next to the well-known Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club along this 7 kilometer stretch of serene and pure blue seas.

This beach is managed by the Golden Tulip Hotel, and beach entry costs 100 Dhs. This is wonderful because it allows you access to the hotel’s pool, amenities, bars, and cafés. There are grills and volley ball nets. A watersports club is also present, offering activities including waterskiing, wakeboarding, and banana boating. It’s an excellent weekend getaway from Dubai, and you could even combine it with an overnight stay at the resort.

To get there, take the Sheikh Zayed Road up to Abu Dhabi, and look for the Ghantoot exit (399). You will find gates leading to Ghantoot Beach as well as signage for the Al Jazira Golden Tulip Hotel.

8) 4×4 Beach

4x4 Beach

Named for the popularity among cars who frequently stop to enjoy the vista when parking up… This location, which is close to Jumeirah Beach Park, also has a huge stretch of sand and a lovely bay view. It is located in Jumeirah 2 near Jumeirah Beach Park at the intersection of Al Athar Road and Beach Road. Enjoy the scenery!

9) Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Beach

JThe Jebel Ali Beach Resort is located near to the open-air Jebel Ali Beach. The beach is getting smaller because there has been a lot of sea front construction in that area. Kite surfers are also big fans of this beach. Previously, if you wanted to camp overnight, you had to obtain a permit from the Dubai Municipality. You would need to confirm with them if it is okay to camp there because the rules are subject to change. The best course of action would be to make an exploration drive up there and assess the terrain before loading the car with camping supplies!

Although we must warn you, if you own a dog and are planning to visit here, please be aware that all public beaches in the UAE are dog-free, and unfortunately canines are not allowed to visit them with you. This stretch of beach is also referred to as a dog-friendly beach in Dubai. If you do bring your dog with you, Dubai Police may penalise you.


You should try beach camping at least once in your lifetime because it is such a unique experience. It sounds lovely to think about sleeping with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore and the scent of the ocean. Take a tent, some blankets, and some snacks, and spend the night sleeping on the sand!

You can even carry a BBQ set if you intend to camp at Jebel Ali Beach so that you and your family and friends can cook up a storm.

Water Sports

This one is for the adventurers who have their own equipment at home since the beach doesn’t provide any amenities or rentals. Due to the local wind patterns, some of the well-liked hobbies include windsurfing, kite surfing, and surfing. If you have a jet-ski, here is the ideal location to use it.


  • Bikinis are only permitted inside of beaches, not elsewhere.
  • Remember that there are no restrooms or change facilities available on the beach.
  • Due to the high volume of motorized water sport activities, it could get louder in the afternoons. If you see too many jet skis in the ocean, don’t swim out too far into the sea.
  • Avoid leaving trash on the beach, and when you leave, leave the area tidy.
  • Even on the property of the beach, drinking alcohol in public is illegal in Dubai.

10) Royal Lebanon Beach Club

10) Royal Lebanon Beach Club

The Island Dubai is a nearly 40,000 square meter island six kilometers off the coast of Dubai. The day and night venue, which is on Lebanon Island, was the first construction project on the renowned World Islands to welcome visitors.

Even though visiting the first open island of The World development costs 200 Dhs per person, we think this beach is very stunning and would be worth the price. Visitors would also be highly impressed. The beach club, which is located on the island of Lebanon, has two beaches, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and eight private chalets. A must-do activity in Dubai, you will be transported to the island on a boat at the pick-up places.

At “The Island,” there are many things to do, including a restaurant, extensive beach areas, swimming pools, chalets, and an events area. Even sociable beach activities like volleyball and watersports like kayaking are available to you.

The beach on the south side of The Island is a popular destination for 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline because of the venue’s prime location, which also affords you the luxury of various beachfronts. A five-star supper with unrivaled views of the spectacular Dubai skyline can also be enjoyed at the offshore location.

located on the island of Lebanon, has two beaches, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and eight private chalets. A must-do activity in Dubai, you will be transported to the island on a boat at the pick-up places.

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