What is the difference between Health and Wellness?

Health and Wellness

In general, people use these terms as replacement to one and other but they are not. Most of the people have one and not other, in-fact the concept and meaning are totally different

World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (illness).”

As per the World health Organization, Health is defined as “a condition of Complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of illness.” and Wellness definition is ” best state of health of individuals and Group of people,” and wellness reveals the state of positive living.”

The major difference between these two is that health is the end goal and wellness is process of attaining it. It undoubtedly true that you cannot have health without getting wellness. Wellness means being happy, fulfilled life and Robust Living. It has direct impact on overall health.

Health v/s Wellness

It very obvious that you cannot select the state of health, however, you can pick up wellness consciously by take precautionary steps for your well-being and take charge of your healthy living.

Health consists of the pinpointing a disease or illness, unforeseen injuries and so on  whereas, Wellness is the procedure to attain growth and move towards your fullest  well-being and health. It is concomitant with making lifestyle changes, paying attention on nutrition’s , taking balanced diet, practising spiritually guided steps to attain holistic health.

There are various risk factors that enhance a persons risk of illness or injury. Here are some of risk factors that can be hamper the good health. List is below:

Smoking : It is paramount risk factor for cardivascualr diseases and lung cancer

Drinking Alcohol : it damage the liver, possible to get stroke, heart diseases and cancer too.

Unprotected Sex: It is the risk factor for HIV

Extreme Physical Activities or Sports: Extreme labour and sports activities lead to bone damages and other injuries.

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Do you know the dimensions of wellness?

Let us discuss here.

Wellness is not just mere physical health but it is complete holistic and multifaceted. It has six dimensions i.e. Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Social, Physical and Spiritual health.

Intellectual well-being

Intellectual well-being

People engagement themselves in learning new things, solving problems, creative activities promote the better attitude. If people are not in comfort zone and learning new technologies and others things, will not pay attention to mental health problems.

Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness

People who understand and appreciate themselves in the stressful situation and also has empathy towards others feeling would have emotional balance and wellness.



Environment play a vital role in ones well-being. one who works towards improving the natural environment rather then degrading it. Free of hazards and healthy physical environment promote peoples wellness.

Social Wellness

Social Wellness

As per Aristotle “People are social beings”. To lead a happy and healthier life one should spend time with their family and friends. The social life helps in enhancing interpersonal skills and relations and working towards overall community wellbeing.

Spiritual Being

Spiritual Being

It does not belong to any specific religion, caste or creed, but seeking the definition and purpose in Life. Enhancing the traits like caring, compassion, forgiveness and purpose of human existence helps to render spiritual wellness. There are various means through which one can attain it e.g. meditation, serving the needy, spending time in nature and so on.

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Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

People who do regular exercise will have health mind and body. A Desk-Bond Lifestyle can be avoided by adding physical activities to their routine such as walking, cycling, hiking, taking balanced diet, drinking 8 glasses of water everyday and getting sufficient sleep helps the peoples physical Wellness.

To sum up, Wellness is the process of leading active lifestyles which will improve the overall health, prevent disease, and optimal quality of life. it a proactive, preventive and self-driven approach towards healthy living.

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