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5 Essential Perks of Emirates ID You Shouldn’t Ignore

Emirates ID Benefits

If you’re a resident of the UAE, you’re likely familiar with the Emirates ID—a legal requirement for citizens and residents. However, beyond its primary purpose, the Emirates ID offers a range of benefits that can significantly simplify your life and provide additional value. Here are five detailed ways you can leverage your Emirates ID to enhance your experiences in the UAE:

Cash Withdrawals and Transfers:

Several UAE banks provide the convenience of withdrawing cash and making transfers using your Emirates ID. Each bank may have its own set of rules and procedures for this service. For example, Emirates NBD customers can withdraw cash by generating a code through the Emirates NBD mobile app and using it at the ATM. Mashreq Bank allows customers to conduct various transactions, including cash withdrawals and deposits, by simply presenting their Emirates ID at their ATMs. Al Hilal Bank also enables cash withdrawals and transfers through their ATMs using Emirates IDs.

Fuel Payments:

By downloading the ADNOC Wallet app and linking your Emirates ID to it, you can streamline your fuel payment process. At ADNOC petrol stations, you can conveniently insert your Emirates ID into the card payment slot and follow the on-screen instructions to pay for your fuel. Additionally, if you possess an ADNOC Wallet, you can utilize your Emirates ID to make purchases at ADNOC Oasis convenience stores and car washes, adding to your overall convenience.

Health Insurance Card:

No need to worry if you accidentally forget your health insurance card during your next visit to the doctor. Your Emirates ID can serve as an alternative form of identification for medical service providers. They can process your medical insurance using the information embedded in your Emirates ID, ensuring that you can still receive the necessary healthcare services without any inconvenience.

Expedited Airport Procedures:

Abu Dhabi International Airport offers a seamless travel experience through their smart gates, which utilize facial recognition technology for automated self-service border control. When you approach the smart gate, simply swipe your Emirates ID card and look into the green light at the gate. The system will match your face with the data linked to immigration databases, determining your traveler status, such as UAE National, GCC National, UAE resident, or visa-on-arrival guest. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual immigration checks, saving you time and effort at the airport.

Exclusive Discounts:

One of the most enjoyable perks of holding an Emirates ID is gaining access to exclusive discounts across the UAE. Numerous hotels and attractions offer special discounted rates and deals exclusively for residents. By simply presenting your Emirates ID, you can avail yourself of these offers, allowing you to explore and enjoy the diverse experiences the UAE has to offer while saving money.

Your Emirates ID is not just a mandatory identification document; it’s a valuable tool that simplifies various aspects of your life in the UAE. By leveraging the features and benefits outlined above, you can make the most of this multifunctional card and enhance your overall experience as a resident in the country.

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