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Demand for Expat fees & Income should be in proportionate

Demand for Expat fees and Income should be in proportionate

Shoura Council one of the members insisted on the expatriate fees in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He demanded the Shoura Council that expats fees should be in Proportionate to the monthly income or salary which they receive.

During the Council session, he has brought the attention to the council that expat fee would be major hinderance in the growth of the Small and Medium businesses in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

To promote the growth and sustainability of the small and medium businesses and reduce the operational cost of SMEs, the expats fee need to be reviewed. Al Qahtani stated.

Demand for Expat fees and Income should be in proportionate

The administrative challenges and expat fees are the major financial liabilities imposed, as a result the Small and Medium Enterprises are struggling for existence.

TEAEC at the Shoura Council earlier worked on enhancing impactful methods for SEMs. The Economic and Energy Committee is the qualified authorities for the calculation of the fee charges for expats employees in SMEs

Another Member of Shoura Council, Raeda Abunayan has given suggestion to the government that SMEs should be able to recover the fee for next five years, till

all small and medium enterprises should overcome the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

From Jan 2018 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started levy expats fee of 400 SR for each employee on monthly basis from the enterprises. The 50% or more Saudi citizens as employees of the enterprises need to be pay 300 SR for each expats employee. The expats fees have been increasing year on year during the extension of the work permit i.e. in 2019 Expats monthly fee increased from 500 to 600 SR per work and it has revised in the year 2020 from 700 to 800 SR.

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