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Things to know about Employment Contracts in Qatar

Things to know about Employment Contracts in Qatar

Today, we are going to know everything which we must know about employment contracts in Qatar. We have compiled a few questions and their answers which mostly everyone asked related to labor contracts in Qatar.

Employment contracts are more important than job offers. Typically, it is the form submitted by your employer to the Ministry of Administrative Development and Social Affairs (MADLSA) or more commonly known as the Labor Ministry.

As per Labor Law, an Employment Contract is a contractual agreement between an employer and employee, whether it be fixed-term or open-ended, by which the employee undertakes to perform certain work for and under the supervision of the employer.

What is the basic employment contract?

The contract of employment must be in writing and authenticated by the MADLSA. The contract is written in Arabic as well as the language is spoken in your country or English. A copy shall be given to each party and a third to be deposited with the MADLSA.

Employment contracts with digital authentication

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs, which aims to offer an integrated digital alternative for authenticating employment contracts in companies, launched the Digital Authentication System for a Multilingual Employment Contract in June 2020.

Are you allowed to keep an original copy of your contract?

It is important to have an original copy of the contract. An employee who fails to obtain a copy of the contract is violating labor law as well. The Labor Relations Department can help you file a complaint.

How can I verify my employment contract?

You can obtain a copy of your employment contract from your employer and verify it online at MADLSA’s website: 

Online services are available in Arabic and English. You will need to provide your QID and mobile number.

What is the duration of the contract?

There are two kinds of contracts:

  • Fixed-term contract- providing services to your employer for a set period, not exceeding five years, renewable for a period or another similar period. Neither the worker nor the employer can terminate the contract independently before the end of the probationary period specified in the contract. 
  • Indefinite contract- a contract that lasts indefinitely. At any time after the notice period, either party may terminate it without giving reasons.

How long does the notice period last in an open contract?

An indefinite employment contract (open) can be terminated by either party without giving a reason, but the terminating party must give the other party written notice.

How long does the ‘probation period’ last?

It is during the probationary period that the worker is required to prove his ability to continue working. An employee’s probation period cannot exceed six months from the date they started working.

During the probation period, can my employer terminate my employment contract?

Definitely.Your employer has the right to terminate your employment contract if you are found unfit to perform your job duties during your probationary period but must notify you at least one month in advance through the electronic system of ADLSA.

Does your fixed-term contract automatically renew if you continue to work after its expiration without the employer’s objection?

In cases where the parties have carried on with the execution of the contract after its expiration without an explicit agreement to do so, the contract shall be considered as renewed for an indefinite period on the same terms. The renewal period shall be regarded as an extension of the previous period, calculated from the date of first joining the employer’s service.

Is it possible for an employee to end the employment contract?

A worker may cancel the Employment Contract before the expiration of the duration if it is a fixed-term contract, and without notifying the employer if it is an open-ended contract, along with reserving his full right to the end of service gratuity in any of the following cases:

  • If the employer violates the contract or labor laws.
  • If you or a member of your family has committed an attack or act against morality.
  • A breach of contract by your employer.
  • If your safety or health is at risk, and your employer knows about this danger but does not remove it.

If I do not complete the notice period with my current employer when changing jobs, what happens?

When you decide to leave work before the end of your notice period, you will have to pay your current employer for every day you do not work during that period. 

Is it possible for my employer to terminate my employment contract after the probationary period?

Yes.In the event your employer decides to terminate your employment contract after your probation period has ended, he/she must give you notice through MADLSA’s electronic system.

We hope that this article has cleared most of the questions regarding the labor contract in Qatar or Employment contract in Qatar. Let us know if this article helped you in any way to make you understand the labor contract in Qatar.

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