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What is the procedure for inquiring about establishments bans and making a complaint in Qatar?

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This article will talk about how any company which is blocked for some reason can inquire about its status. This article will explain to you everything about the inquiring process of the ban and how to make a complaint regarding it. Hence, read the whole article without skipping anything so that you can have full knowledge about it.

For the benefit of employers as well as employees, companies need to be able to track how corporations are doing. Various types of businesses can check the status of their banning status through the e-services portal of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Companies can also use this handy online tool to find out what circumstances led to the banning of their business. This is to remove the violations made to Law No.14 of 2004. The cost of being banned can be very high for a company, so it is imperative to provide immediate solutions to resolve these issues. This online service will also help companies implement regulations relating to this.


The MADLSA’s e-services portal can be accessed by business owners. After that, a company representative should input the establishment ID, personal QID, and mobile numbers used during the previous registration of the company. Accordingly, this should match the company’s details initially registered with the Ministry. Go to “Log in” and check the status of the company.

On the other hand, employees should know about their rights within the company they work for. Workers should also be fully aware of how to protect their rights if their business has been banned for violating certain provisions.

In Qatar, the Wage Protection System (WPS) provides electronic salary transfer services in consultation with the Qatar Central Bank to ensure that workers receive their salaries properly. The employee can file a claim with the Labor Court if payment is not made in full and on time. Violations will result in costly penalties and a ban from interacting with the Ministry in any capacity.

By submitting a labor complaint to the Work Relations Department, employees are encouraged to speak up in compliance with Qatar Labor Law. Just dial 92727. Press 5, then enter your Qatar ID number. Alternatively, you can file a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Fill out the online form and provide all the information needed, then click “Submit”.

Complaints can also be submitted in person. You will need a copy of your identification card or passport. Make sure you attach all of the required documentation. If you wish to print the complaint form, you may fax it to (00 +974 444-44013) or send it by email to

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Things to know about Employment Contracts in Qatar

Things to know about Employment Contracts in Qatar

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