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How to get a computer card in Qatar

Computer ID Qatar

Are you a foreign national who has recently completed the company registration in Qatar? Then your next step must be to hire new employees. However, you must be relaxed by knowing that the process is really simple and easy. But Qatar government policy requires companies to obtain a computer card before they are authorized to hire employees.

The process of obtaining a computer card is easy. According to Qatari law, a computer card is a document that attests to the authority of each employee in your company through signatures. The foreign owner of a company must issue this document to hire employees. Since Qatari economic policy requires that at least one Qatari national be a company partner, the computer card will initially be registered in their name. You can, however, add your name later on.

A company seal must be officially registered in Qatar before you can apply for your computer card. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the commercial residence certificate
  • A copy of the trade license
  • An official company seal
  • Identity card copy of partner who is to be registered on the computer card
  • Identity card/passport copies of shareholders
  • Proof of payment of QR 200 as the application fees

A certificate may take up to a day to be issued once you’ve applied. After a residence permit has been issued, you may hire employees, and you may also issue exit permits for employees who wish to leave the country. You will receive your application fee back if your computer card is not issued, as it is only mandatory for successful computer card issuance.

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