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How to receive mail/packages to your home in Qatar?

How do I receive mailpackages at my door in Qatar

Did you ever wonder where all the mail that comes to Qatar goes and why it does not arrive at your doorstep here, as it does in many countries? We’re here to explain how the system works in Qatar!

In Qatar, postal services are provided by Qatar Post (Q-Post). Q-Post is Qatar’s national postal service provider. It has over 30 branches serving both domestic and international customers. There are no postal codes in Qatar. There is only one type of mail delivery: a PO Box. Hence, to receive mail in Qatar, you must rent a PO Box since there are no postal addresses.

How can you get PO Box in Qatar?

Doha has its main post office located on the Doha Corniche. It is necessary to fill out an application form to open a PO Box in Qatar. You can get the form at any post office or even online.

  • Subscription price- QAR 500/ year
  • Requirements- Your QID copy, plus a QAR100 refundable deposit

Does Qatar offer doorstep delivery of mail?

YES! It is possible to get mail delivered to your door here in Qatar, and the process is fairly straightforward. You can have mail delivered straight to your doorstep when you use Qatar Post’s Home Delivery Services.

  • First, get your PO Box subscription
  • And then get a subscription for Home Delivery Services.

Anyone with a PO Box subscription can take advantage of the Home Delivery Services option.

  • Subscription Price-


  • Requirements- subscription to a PO Box, as well as your full address, zone, street, and building number

Qatar Post’s Home Delivery Service: what are its features and benefits?

1. Security

Your mail is sealed and kept safe by the Home Delivery Service.

2. Consistency

When moving within Qatar, your PO Box remains the same, but you should notify Qatar Post of your new address.

3. Convenience

Postal deliveries can be scheduled or sent to you regularly.

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