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How to Revise the PHCC Health Center in Qatar

How to Revise the PHCC Health Center in Qatar

It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen of Qatar or a resident of Qatar, you can still enroll with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) Health Centre to take care of your medical health and wellness. However, your health center is dependent on the locality you live in Qatar as well as on PHCC’s patient enrollment policy.

However, we all faced a situation where we want to change the residency address, family status, etc. During this situation, you want to change to other health centers. You can do that with the following steps!

Apply for change in the Health Center via the PHCC e-service Portal

You can apply for the change via the PHCC e-service portal, from your home without any hassle.

  • Log in via the National Authentication System with your QID number & password.
  • Your profile and E-Services will appear immediately after you log in.
  • Select ‘Change My Health Center’.
  • Add ‘Applicant Name’ and ‘Select Reason for Transfer’ on the ‘Change My Health Center’ page. Furthermore, be sure to update the icon underneath ‘Health Center Covering Residence Area’ so that the new Health Center displays in the box based on the new “Address of Residence” that you added.
  • Your new health center will be selected automatically based on the address of residence you add.
  • Attach the required documents on the ‘Change My Health Center’ page: Applicant ID Copy, Rental Contract/Kahramaa Bill, Sponsor Parent QID Copy (if needed), and Other Supporting Document (Optional).
  • Please check the following boxes before clicking ‘Submit’:
  1. At the new health center, applicants will be assigned a Family Physician.
  2. Existing appointments at the old health center would be canceled and rescheduled at the new health center.

To use PHCC service, you must

  • Have a valid QID for at least one year.
  • Valid health card
  • Proof of your residency address
  • An account with Qatar’s National Authentication System
  • You must be above 18.

You can request a change in the health center using the Nar’aakom app

Do you know that you can also apply for changes in the health center via the Nar’aakom app? Follow the steps for the same-

  • Download the app.
  • Log in via NAS with QID number & password.
  • Select ‘E-service’
  • Select ‘Change Health Center’
  • Type ‘Applicant name’
  • Enter your ‘Building number’, ‘Zone number’, and Street Number’ as shown on your address blue plate, and click ‘Fetch Your Catchment Area’.
  • Choose’ Reason for Transfer Health Center & Submit’
  • Upload all the required documents
  • Choose all the given boxes for your consent.
  • And finally, submit your request.


  • Once your new health center is confirmed, the PHCC will notify you and send you a confirmation message.
  • You are not allowed to submit a similar request if you already have one submitted for this particular e-service unless the previous request is canceled/resolved.

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Request for a change in the health center in Person

However, if you are not comfortable applying for a change through the website or app, you can also go to your present health center to change your details. The following steps will be helpful for you:

  • Get the document required to transfer to a new health center from the reception at your current health center.
  • Carry all the required documents with you.
  • Submit all the required documents at the window. They will verify all the documents and check your eligibility for the transfer. They can return your documents or ask for extra documents if you are not eligible.
  • Take the No Objection Certificate to your old health center so they can approve the transfer. The transfer is now complete.


  • Changing the health center may take 3-5 days. You can either call 107 or wait for SMS notification to find out if your health center has been successfully changed.
  • Health centers provide this service from Sunday to Thursday between 7 am and 2 pm.


  • Hotline: 107
  • Website:
  • Facebook: @PHCCQatar
  • Instagram: @phccqatar
  • Twitter: @PHCCqatar

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