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Oman Airports and Facilities

List of Oman Airports & Facilities (1)

Oman Airports is a government-owned corporation that maintains and runs the Sultanate of Oman’s civil airports, including on-ground services, terminal buildings, cargo buildings, runways, aprons, vehicle parking, and other infrastructure.

In this article, we will get to know the airports and facilities provided by the Sultanate of Oman. Read the whole article so that you don’t miss any important information.

Oman Airports & Facilities

In this, we are going to know about the Muscat International Airport, Salalah Airport, Duqm Airport, Suhar Airport, and PDO Airports and the facilities provided by each airport. Let’s know without wasting any due.

1. Muscat International Airport

Following are the facilities provided by the Muscat International Airport to every individual.

Car Parking

For travelers and relatives and friends picking up or dropping off their loved ones, the airport provides parking for both short and long-term vehicles. All of the parking lots are only a short distance from the main terminal building.

Parking tickets can only be paid in Omani Riyals at automated ticket dispensers located throughout each parking lot. If you need assistance, car parking employees are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Traveling with kids

Baby strollers are provided free of charge at Muscat International Airport for visitors traveling with little children. They can be found in the departure hall beyond the security area and deposited at the baby stroller drop-off location next to the departure gates. Please note that their supply cannot be guaranteed owing to strong demand.

2. Salalah Airport

Car Parking

Whether you’re picking up or dropping off passengers or visiting for business, car parking is provided to all airport visitors.


Please follow our directions and the airport’s protocols to make your Check-In as easy as possible.


The Salalah Airport also provides free wi-fi to every visitor.

Support Call

If you are facing any difficulties, you can contact them at +968 24351234.

3. Duqm Airport

Car Parking

Whether you’re flying solo, picking up or dropping off passengers, or visiting the airport for business, parking is available to all airport visitors.

  • Location- front of the PTB
  • Capacity- 220 parking spaces

Pick Up & Drop Off

Vehicle pick-up and drop-off are limited to one area at the airport. The arrival and departure terminals are both accessible via the main road. The same access is available to passengers, meters, greeters, and other Airport users. If any unattended vehicles park in the drop-off/pick-up locations for more than three hours, they will be hauled away at their owners’ expense.

4. Suhar Airport


Crown Plaza Hotel, Radisson Blue Hotel, and Mercure Hotel are the nearest hotels to Suhar Airport.

Car Rental

The Suhar Airport also provides the facility of car hire from the airport to their visitors.

5. PDO Airports

PDO airports have been active since the first plane landed at Marmul airport in Q1 2008. Oman Air now operates scheduled flights between Muscat and the three destinations on behalf of PDO. Each site has at least two flights each day, with up to six flights per week.

All three airports have modern terminal buildings that are not only functional but also provide necessary amenities such as CCTV, passenger and luggage screening, conveyor belts, and passenger checking systems.

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