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Qatar reopens Industrial area with new exit and entry policy

Industrial area reopen

The industry is the core of any country and its function determines the power of the country. in that line, the Government Communications Office (GCO) issued a statement announcing the re-opening of the Industrial area with a modified exit and entry policy.

As per the GCO, the part of the Industrial Area from Street one to Street 32, which was closed with open with newer restrictions and processes with modified entry and exit schemes from 6th May onward. The industries will have to follow the procedures of precaution laid out by the Ministry of Public Health while considering the safety of the residents, workers, and society. All the industrial areas from Street one, Street two, and al-Wakalat Street will gradually reopen from Wednesday,6th May onward.

The decision of the government for reopening comes after rigorous testing of the industrial area where more than 6500 workers were sent to precautionary quarantine facilities where they were provided free quality healthcare inside and outside of the facility. The reorganization of the exit and entry gates will help in reopening the industrial area which is a high priority for the government while making sure that workers do not get infected. The refined procedure will help the following groups to enter and exit – employers, employees who work in the Area but live outside, residents who live in the Area but work outside.

Apart from this, the companies that are operating in the vicinity will also be allowed to transport raw and finished materials by submitting an application to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs in advance. This procedure has been detailed in the Permanent Committee for Industrial Area Affairs’ procedures guide, established by Ministerial Decision number 29 of 2016 where it is necessitated to explain all temporary procedures followed in that period.

The employees working in the area must download the ‘Ehteraz Application’ and provide all necessary details as exit and entry to the Industrial Area will be subject to downloading the application and permit. There will be strict inspections to make sure everyone follows all laws and procedures such as providing adequate accommodation, reduction of buses to half capacity, providing sanitizers and masks as well as other instructions from Ministry of Public Health.

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