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The most effective method to rent a property from a real estate companies in Qatar

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Renting in Doha could be an difficult and confusing process. It is generally the newcomers who get overpowered, particularly if it is your first time in the nation. In this article, you will get the list of real estate companies in Qatar and helpful tips on the best way to rent a place.

You may go through looking for a place to rent in Doha. After looking through you may find out that you’re not even qualified for the property, you need to rent. Not only this, however you will also learn things you have to avoid from making the procedure smoother and more manageable.

1. Always be prepared

A huge number of tenants we spoke to tell us to always be prepared with all the documentation. Why? This will always keep you arranged and prepared when you find a place you love.

Make sure you have:

  • A Qatar residence license
  • A valid Qatar ID card
  • A copy of your support ID card

2. Understand what kind of property you are searching for

Continuously narrow your search down to a couple of neighborhoods in Qatar. By this, you won’t get focused, and you will be 100% secure with the following place you will live in. For example, don’t search for properties all over Doha. There are many available properties for rent, so make sure that you narrow your search.

For example, pick The Pearl Qatar as your essential area and have Porto Arabia and the Medina Central as your focused areas.

Deal with your expectations

With regards to budget, never accept to see anything which is over your budget. Giving your broker a value extension for your budget is always a good thought to increase point of view. For example, if you choose to rent an apartment and your budget is QAR10,000, at that point you can tell your broker about your range is something between QAR7,500 and QAR9,000.

When searching for an apartment below your budget and you like it, at that point you will be excited – a stunning place for less!

Once more, maintaining a realistic expectation is basic, when looking to rent a place. Be educated about how much you can afford in a neighborhood you need to live in. We all know that you will never find a three-bedroom apartment for QAR5,000/month at the West bay – so be practical.

3. Looking for your investment property

Are you ready to start your search? You have two decisions to start searching for a property:

Choice 1: Look for a real estate broker and see what is available on their site.

Choice 2: Property classifieds websites.

Again, always keep your choices open.

Some real estate brokers offer free 1 – or 2- month free rentals. Some additionally offer free utilities, or won’t request commission fees, so keep an eye for the offers…

4. Realize what is included for your monthly rent

Always make sure that you check what is included as a major aspect of the monthly rent.

For example:

  • Utility expenses
  • The commission structure, is it expressed in the agreement?
  • The payment structure. A few brokers may require standing requests and others may demand advance check payments.

You may also need to check specific limitations. In the event that pets are permitted in the building or not.

5. Renting and the fees structure

It could be confusing how the commission structure works. Always request the agreement draft from numerous real estate brokers.

When you have a couple of agreements, see the various fees structure and which is best for you.

Fee structure 1: Percentage (%) on the total yearly rent

For example, a few brokers will demand 5% fees on the total yearly rent. So if the monthly rent is QAR10,000, you will pay QAR120,000 in one year.

At that point, if you are required to pay 5% on the yearly rent, the commission, accordingly, is QAR6,000.

Fee structure 2: Percentage (%) on the first month’s rent

In different cases, they may demand you to pay 50% of the first month’s rental as bonus fees. In the event that the property you are renting is for QAR10,000/month, then you are expected to pay QAR5,000 as the commission fee.

Once more, guarantee that the fees structure is clearly expressed on the agreement you will sign.

6. Signing the agreement

A few brokers or real estate companies may offer two types of agreements – Personal and Corporate Contracts :

Personal agreements

A Personal agreement is for people who are looking to rent a property for themselves. You should have your Qatari ID, Salary Certificate and the Bank Statement (Not older than 6 months).

To guarantee you are 100% qualified to rent a property, make sure that you make at least double the rent value . For example, that you are leasing an apartment for QAR5,000, at that point you should make at least QAR10,000 every month.

Corporate agreements

The second type of agreements is the Corporate Contracts. They are for companies who are renting properties for their employees. If you are a company ensure you have

  • PC Card
  • Copy of the company’s Commercial Registration (CR)
  • Qatar ID for the approved signatory (a similar name must be expressed on the CR)

Signing the agreement

When you rent a property in Doha, the agreement term is as a rule for one year, and you may extend it for as long as 2 months.

At the point when you sign an agreement with the landlord or the broker’s company, you should search here:

  • Terms identified with the deposit and the amount how much you will pay.
  • Duration of the agreement which should include the start and end dates
  • Renewal terms and if you want to expand it for a couple of months on the same terms
  • The rental expense and payment schedule
  • Payment method
  • Liabilities of the landlord– are service bills secured, and what are they?
  • Maintenance
  • Limitations on the tenant– are pets permitted, smoking etc.
  • Inventory list (for furnished properties)

7. Review your rent agreement (contract)

If your landlord promised to clean your place, then it should be noted in writing.

Don’t accept any promises unless they are recorded in writing, in this case you have no ground to stand on.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask questions to your broker. If you write anything unusual or if you feel something is missing a great opportunity in the agreement, raise it.

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