5-Minute Stretching Routine before Workouts

5-Minute Stretching Routine before Workouts

Today, we will discuss the 5-minute stretching routine, which we should always follow before doing workouts. We all know how important it is to warm up our body and each muscle before doing a workout to stop any injury or muscle restraint. 

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We have compiled a list of a few stretching routines below. Read them all and apply them. 

Benefits of stretching before a workout

There are various benefits of stretching before a workout. Few are following:

  • Muscles get active.
  • It improves flexibility of movement.
  • It enhances body awareness.
  • It increases flexibility, etc.

List of stretching routine

Lunge with a twist

Lunge with a twist is a mix of a forward lunge and a horizontal twist. Forward lunge enables stretch of the hip flexors and strengthens the legs, glutes, and hips, while the twist stretches out the upper and middle back and encourages core rotation.

  •  Step forward as you lunge, then drop your hips.
  • Your front knee should not extend beyond your toes when you lunge forward.
  • Slowly twist toward the side of your front leg after lunging for a more intense hip flexor stretch.

Knee to chest

Bringing one knee to the chest and lowering the foot to the ground simulates the top of a running stride. This can be done while standing or while walking.

  • As you step onto your toes with your opposite foot, hug your shins and bring the knee cap into your chest, which will give you more leverage.

High kicks

The hamstrings are warmed up and the range of motion is enhanced by kicking high. Alternate them as you walk.

  • Start with your right leg and extend your left arm straight out.
  • Your toes should hit your palm as you kick your leg up.
  • Stay under control as you increase the kicks.

Hip stretch with a twist

This is an incredibly challenging stretch, especially for those who sit all day at work. It stretches the lower, upper, and middle back while opening up the hips and thighs.

  • Keeping your hips down and your lower back flat, bring your right foot up to your right hand in the push-up position.
  • Turn your left hand to the left, while raising your arm and reaching toward the sky.
  • Return to your starting position and repeat on the other side.

T push-ups

It is a great exercise for warming up the upper body, especially the shoulders, while also engaging the entire core. 

  • Lie on your back in a pushup position, then lower yourself down toward the ground.
  • When you push yourself back up, extend your right arm and keep your left arm and hips still, so you don’t move.
  • Return your arm to its original position.
  • Do the other pushup, then do the left one.

Advanced Jump Squats 

Jump squats are a great way to warm up the lower body with high-intensity exercises. Since the exercise is fast, it requires more force production and power than the other exercises on this list, so it is a more advanced warm-up exercise.

  • Hold your hands behind your head or on your hips as you stand up with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Jump by squatting until the hips are parallel to the ground.
  • Land gently and repeat the jump.

Advanced Jump lunges

Another great high-intensity exercise for warming up the lower body is jumping lunges. As part of this exercise, your legs and hips must be stabilized by your balance

  • Begin by extending one foot forward and one behind you with your hands at your sides or behind your head.
  • Lower your hips to the ground and quickly jump up.
  • When you are in the air, switch your legs so that your forward leg is now behind you and your back leg is now in front of you.

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