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  • Residence Permit for a child in Qatar

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    How to get a Residence Permit for a child in Qatar ?

    Exiles (expats) can support their family members, if they are residents in Qatar. Each family member, including babies, should have an individual Family (Residence Permit or RP) Visa. The RP can be purchased after candidates present various reports and follow various methodology to get a RP for a baby. These methods are as per the […] More

  • Exceptions Permit in Qatar
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    How one can apply for ‘Exceptional Entry Permit’ to Qatar

    Exceptional Entry Permit is an important document which lets the residents of Qatar who are stuck abroad due to Covid19. The applications for the Exceptional Entry Permit would start from August 01, 2020 and will allow employers and employees from governmental and private companies  to come back to Qatar. Applying for Exceptional Entry Permit When […] More

  • VIsit VISA
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    Visa procedure for visitors to visit Qatar

      THE ESSENTIAL GUIDES TO QATAR – Travel and Accommodation Hamad International Airport Hamad International airport is the art of state, and it was inaugurated in April 2014. Hamad International airport was just located on the south side of doha. HIA is a five-star airport introduced by Skytrax and positioned Fourth Best Airport in the […] More