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How to Delete your old Online Accounts (Why)

How to Delete your old Online Accounts

It is very obvious that people who signed up for few online service that they might be not using today. These accounts might be still active and likely to hold peoples personal data, credit cards and other information. This info is juicy targets for hackers.

Reasons for closing the Old Accounts ( No longer in use ).

Today we are living in information technology age and data breaches are very common in this era.

Let us consider if the services breached and your personal data disclosed that you are uploaded on these websites. The developer of the website may misuse the data and abuses the saved credit card details or may sell their services to other companies.

People commonly use same password across other sites where they sign up for other online services. The password leaks on one website means hackers will access all other accounts wherever the reuse passwords are present. Even if people are not using the same password, the personal data available on the old and unused accounts still help the hackers to answer the security questions used in other sites.

It is better to remove the personal data from the websites which are no longer using them to protect the privacy. It is always advisable to delete the outdated accounts which are no longer in use..

Steps to trace Old Account

The following various tips helps to find out the old accounts which they are using

Password Manager”: if you use “ Password Manager” to track of all your user credentials, Please look through unused online service accounts and delete them. Even browser built-in password manager remembers all your accounts and their credentials.

Look for your Email: In your emails if you find “ welcome” or “verify” and other similar phrases. You may use old accounts for discounts or promotions which you have complete forgotten about it.

Social Log ins” : Facebook, Googlel, Twitter, Pinterest etc is another area where you find out the old and unused accounts. Please do not “disconnect” connection in order to clear the data because other service may be interrupted.

Please go to Have I been Pwned? This website shows up which will give you compromised email addresses. You may find old and unused account and where all the data is visible.

Steps to Delete Old Accounts

By following above steps you will get one or more old and unused accounts and wanted to purge them but generally these options won’t be available

Tips to delete the old and unused accounts

  • Go to any Search Engines Like Google Or Bing and type in there “Delete Account”
  • Please visit, which will provide information and steps to delete various signed up accounts on various websites.
  • Another way of deleting the old and unused account is to reach out the support team of the website and refer the “privacy policy” about personal data and when company deletes data.
  • Easiest means is that Contact the online services account support and ask to delete the account.

Please let us know is this article helpful to you in deleting old and unused accounts available on various online services by comment in our comments section.

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