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Know info while resigning or get terminated from the job.

Terminated or Resign
Terminated or Resign

An employee background check is a critical approach for both employee and employer. But resigning from your current job in a foreign land like Qatar might push you into troubles if you’re not well aware of the Labour Laws of Qatar.

Hence, you need to know the legal rights and course of action of the country to ensure your future employment opportunities in Qatar or other parts of the world.

Here, we have come up with a quick checklist of Qatar Labour Law No (14) of 2004 introduced by the Ministry of Administrative Development Labour & Social Affairs (MADLSA.

Notice Period Related Rules & Regulations (Article 49)

For any party, employer or the employee, who’s terminating the contract, needs to follow the stated Notice Period, which depends on the employee’s employment period in the company.

For Monthly or Yearly Wagers –

  1. At least one month notice for employees working five years or less
  2. At least two months of notice for employees working more than five years

For Hourly, Daily or Weekly Wagers –

  1. At least one week notice for employees working less than one year
  2. At least two weeks’ notice for employees working more than one year but less than five years
  3. At least one month notice for employees working for more than five years
  • Compensation Upon Termination Without Prior Notice (Article 50)

In case, the contract is terminated by any party without prior notice, the party who terminates the agreement will have to pay equal to the entire notice period or the remaining days of the notice.

On the other hand, to the employees meeting all their commitments, the employer must pay salaries for the entire notice period.

Further, the employer being the one who terminates the contract must give adequate time to the employee to find new employment.

Conditions When Employees Can Terminate The Contract Without Obligation (Article 51)

Employees will be excused from any obligation for terminating contract with employer in several circumstances, under Qatar Labour Law, including –

  1. If the employer breach his obligations under the service contract or the legal provisions
  1. If any physical assault or unethical act committed on the employee or any of his family member
  2. If the worker was misled about Job Role or Terms & Conditions while joining the office 
  3. If continuing the job jeopardises the safety and health of the employee when the employer is aware of the fact but ignore to act with responsibility

While working in a foreign country, it’s vital to be aware of the Legal Rights you can have in hard times. If you need to know more or to know in detail, feel free to ask us.

Written by Saleh wasim

Blogger who writes topics such as Employment, News, travel, sports, events and life in Gulf.


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