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What is the Qatari Thobe and How is it Worn?

Thobe Qatari

The Thobe!

The Thobe has never left the fashion. It is classic like the rich Qatari traditions and its way of life. It might have taken current styling, however it is elegant and easy as it was back in the day and as much a source of pride among Qatari men as it was before technology and modernisation turned into a thing.

And keep in mind that we discuss about ladies and the method in which they dress in Qatar and different pieces of the Gulf locale, we hardly ever talk about the path men in Qatar and the Gulf dress – till now!

Here, we are going to discuss the Thobe and a big motivator for it in Qatar!

Best Qatari menswear

The Thobe is a neat white long robe-like clothing or tunic that covers the entire body from the wrists directly down to the legs. The top portion of the Thobe is custom fitted like a shirt, but comes down to the leg and loose-fitting. A couple of free white pants called the Sirwal are constantly worn under the Thobe.

It is common for everyone over the Gulf region, where men wear it with an attitude! It is mostly made up of cotton; it’s easy but difficult to iron. You will observe a Qatari person with a stain on his thobe or a lot of wrinkles (trust me, I have never observed one!). That’s the way they wear this traditional Arabic attire.

Translate in English

Literally the word ‘Thobe’ can be translated as an article of clothing, however now ‘Thobe’ is the word given to the Arabian men’s attire.

Styled per choice

However, the style where the thobe is worn or design may differ somewhat depending upon which Arab nation it is worn in, overall they are pretty much comparable. However the neckline might be solidified more and worn marginally higher and the sleeves may have a little or huge cuff, worn with or without cufflinks. Depending upon how formal a Qatari person needs to look and feel.

Part of Qatari culture

The thobe has sometimes been a piece of the culture of Qatar, which has been protected even today by the youth and the old alike. In spite of that many youth Qataris have worn western clothes. A large number of them keep on considering the Thobe as an elegant clothing and one that isn’t taken lightly.

You will see numerous Qatari wearing this tasteful robe to work, to the Friday petitions to restaurants and cafes, special events, funerals and daily basis, as well, and you can also see and feel the pride they feel in wearing this cultural Qatari clothes.

Adheres to Islamic qualities

In spite, we frequently refer to ladies when looking at dressing modestly and covering their bodies. Similar rules apply to both men and women, and that’s the reason men in Qatar and different pieces of the Gulf district wear traditional Islamic clothing that is modest and unrevealing.

Protects the body

The Thobe is the perfect clothing for men in Qatar, because the manner in which it’s custom fitted permits air to move through it and cool the body particularly when making the rounds in the hot desert weather. The white colour reflects the heat and is perfect in the summer. The hobe also protects the body from sand during sandstorms

Permits more food intake

The best thing about the Thobe is that the men can eat how much they need and won’t need to relax their belt scores. Goodness, and it will hide that girth they’re wearing!

Slows the pace down

Trust me, when I tell you that men truly can’t run quick with a Thobe due to the way in which it’s structured. What’s more, if they truly need to make an escape, they have to lift the fix, bring it up towards the waist and hold it there to try and endeavor running since this robe-like piece of clothing is simply not designed for a sprint.

Twisting is difficult What’s more, if there is any possibility they drop something on the floor and need to curve to lift it up, that will be another issue

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