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Benefits of banana stem

Benefits of banana stem

Everyone knows the benefits of eating banana, but many people do not know the benefits of eating banana stem. Banana stem juice can be made at home and it has many health benefits.  Every part of the banana tree is very useful and can be used in many ways.  Flowers, fruits and stem are used for eating, leaves for making plates and bark for the paper.

The banana stem juice can be extracted from the inner portion. It contains lot of nutrients that are useful in many health problems. It contains fibers, vitamin B6 and potassium. Banana stem juice can be used for several problems:

For Kidney Stones:

Banana stem juice is very useful for kidney stones. Even doctors recommend banana stem to patients. If someone has gallbladder stones, they should take banana stem juice once in a week. Banana stem juice and lime juice can be mixture for an excellent result.

How to make it?

Take a cup of chopped banana stem, half lemon juice, a cup of water and salt. Soaked the banana stem for few hours then blend it with water and strain the liquid. Add the lemon juice and salt to it. Take it daily in the morning to dissolve the kidney stones.

For Weight Loss:

Banana stem contains lots of fiber which helps to keep you full and satiated for long time. include it in your diet for fast results.

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Hyper Acidity: Banana stem juice is a great medicine to treat hyper acidity. Take it empty stomach for better results.

For Constipation:  Due to its richness in fiber, it can help to treat constipation. Do not strain the juice for better results.

For Diabetes:  It is an excellent remedy for diabetes. It helps to keep sugar level in control. Take the juice without straining for more fiber.

For UTI:

Banana juice stem is a great remedy to treat urinary tract infections. It is quite a long process to get the banana stem juice but once it’s done, it can be stored in fridge for many days.

Take the banana stem juice every day in a required amount for great results. You can store the banana stem in the buttermilk for days and can change the buttermilk if it gets sour. This can save your time. You can add other spices for taste such as pepper, roasted jeera powder. You can also add yogurt to it but then take it immediately.

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