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MBBS Colleges In Saudi Arabia

MBBS In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is sparsely populated and has rich heritage. Hejaz  in the cradle of Islam.

That lies in the holiest cities of red sea, Mecca and Madina. The country is rich in abundant oil fields. It is known for its petroleum Wealth .Religion tribalism and Untold wealth has made country history pilgrims often visit to Mecca and Madina Expanding the vast culture Heritage And transportation. Even in mid 20th century Saudi Arabia as a traditional lifestyle .Many students of started in United States of America. Traditional methods of transportation and have been replaced by the modernity.Millions of foreign workers are coming to the place And replacing traditional methods of work. 

Saudi Arabia provides state of art Laboratories for the students interested to pursue medicine in the country And it has been growing and expanding over the years. Students have to pass higher grades with Good percentage And take two examinations to qualify for the interview in the university. As a part of the interview there will be a basic English language test.In almost all universities medicine is studied either  in English or Arabic .

A large percentage of universities are public universities therefore medical studies are free for Saudi students. But the Residency Program is paid for both International and Saudi students.under graduate  Medical program lasts for five years.In this four years will be curriculum and 5th year will be internship. 

Hostel facilities for studying MBBS in Saudi Arabia.

The hostels are built within the campus. 

Facilities for Indian and foreign students are.

Healthy and nutritious food

Spacious bedrooms and ventilated bathrooms and  gyms.

Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls

Cyber cafe and Wi-Fi facilities for entire  campus

Top medical colleges in Saudi Arabia are .

  • King Saudh University of medicine.
  • King abdulaziz University Faculty of medicine 
  • Alfaisal University of medicine 
  • King kalid university of medicine

Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery syllabus in Saudi Arabia

 1st year 

Anatomy and Histology 

2nd year

Anatomy physiology biochemistry microbiology Histology

3rd year

Physiology microbiology Pathology Pharmacology 

Fourth and sixth year

Neurology, Gynecology, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, ENT.Cardiology, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Psychology, Neurology, Gynecology,

Admission process for MBBS In Saudi Arabia.

Fill the Application form on University website

  • Apply for the force of your choice and submit all the original certificates 
  • University will review and process your application form 
  • Get a printout of the offer letter given to you by the University 
  • The required fees needs to be paid 
  •  Apply for student visa after getting the offer
  • Inform the date of your arrival to the university 

Criteria for eligibility to pursue MBBS in Saudi Arabia

MBBS is the  degree offered by the University.The program is for 7 years. 1 year is for preparatory. After passing SLE students are eligible to practice MBBS.SLE is Saudi Licensing Examination.

you need to score a minimum of 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology and NEET score not less than 50%. For getting admitted to saudi arabia medical college for MBBS in saudi arabia,

Since English language is a must. Student need to pass IELTS or TOEFL. 

Required documents.

  1. Certificate of birth
  2. 10th memo
  3. 12th Memo
  4. Xerox copy of Invitation Letter
  5.  passport size photographs required are 5
  6. Covid test Report
  7. Bank statement
  8. Statement of intent . duly signed by authorized body

Advantages of taking admission in Saudi Arabia.

You can learn a new language. Explore new culture tradition and place.

Travel to nearby places like Barcelona Paris France European countries

It is in itself a rewarding experience .

It makes you independent. Life comes full circle for you

Shape  you for better career and future. 

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