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Apply for Kuwait Civil ID

How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID

Do you know that Kuwait becomes the first Gulf country to implement the new civil ID card, with ex-pats needing to apply for or renew their cards?

In this article, we have talked about how to apply for a new civil ID, and how to collect all the important and required documents for the same. The procedure must be conducted within two weeks of applying it.

How to apply for Kuwait Civil ID

You can collect your civil ID card from the Civil Status Department at the Ministry of Interior if you are a new citizen of Kuwait. Before that, you need to make an online appointment or you can directly call on their helpline number to make an appointment or to know about the collection and delivery of the document.

Once you arrive at the office, lead directly to one of four unique counters – found on different floors relying on which of the 12 districts you are registered in. Carry your passport, labor card, and two passport-size photos (clicked within the prior six months).

You must go to the Civil Status Department at the Ministry of Interior for renewal of a civil ID card if yours has already expired or is about to expire. You can review Kuwait Civil ID Status online from PACI’s official website.

What if I don’t have a current civil ID card?

You need to submit your passport and labor card to one of three centers in distinct districts of Kuwait if you are applying for it for the first time. The process will take 2 weeks. 

What if I have lost my civil ID?

In this case, you need to file a report to your nearest police station. Again, you will require 3 copies of the new ID, police report, and another for the Civil Status Department at the Ministry of Interior.

A copy of the labor card, passport-size photos, marriage certificates, and proof of residence in Kuwait will also be required.

Who needs a civil ID?

From September 1, 2017, every Kuwaiti citizen over the age of 15 will be required to carry a civil ID card.

Do I need to have a civil ID to enter/exit Kuwait?

You won’t need one to apply for a residence permit, but you will need one to register at the Ministry of Interior.

Do I still need to apply if I have a GCC national ID card?


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